About us

ENERCRAFT was born as a company in 2016, with the strong commitment of setting up new quality industry standards in the development and manufacturing of innovative batteries and portable energy equipment.

Our Products

Taking advantage of our extensive experience in the aerospace sector, our current product portfolio includes high-quality batteries and energy devices, to be used in multiple industrial applications.

Contact us

Do you have a specific energy requirement or need for a customized equipment? We look forward to meeting you and working together with your team, to find the most suitable solution for each particular technological challenge.


We are experts in…

At ENERCRAFT we are specialists in energy storage and power electronics. After having validated our technology in an industry as demanding as AVIATION, we began a diversification strategy, which is enabling us to look at other markets we can also tap into. We are already developing and launching new products and solutions in areas as diverse as DRONES, MARINE, RACING, STORAGE and INDUSTRY.

All the ENERCRAFT products are assembled in Galicia – Spain, where a new Serial Production Line has recently been established.

International Commercial Partners

Ayuda Galicia Avanza Tecnópole