The evolution in modern cockpit design has totally transformed the industry, and the aircraft manufacturers have moved fast from analog instruments to digital avionics, a transition that started long time ago. The modern aircraft use now digital avionics extensively, for a wide variety of applications, starting with the replacement of the primary flight instruments, also referred to as six-pack (Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, Vertical Speed Indicator, Artificial Horizon, Turn and Bank Coordinator and Directional Gyro), which are present in all aircraft.

Nowadays, modern cockpits present these instruments fully integrated into a single LCD, increasing the pilot’s situational awareness, improving the reliability of the systems, providing precise numbers, and helping the pilot in reducing the workload and the extra paperwork.

Evolution and modernization of the instrument panel of a general aviation aircraft

In an apparent self-contradiction, the same trend in the evolution of the development of other key devices in the industry, like Ground Support Equipment, which are also fundamental for a precise aircraft maintenance and for the successful operation of any aerial mission, has not happened with the same speed, and we can find and see thousands of traditional and low-quality Ground Power Units in many different airports and heliports worldwide. All these equipment, with obsolete designs and powered by combustion engines, deliver energy with high harmonic distortions and severe voltage and frequency fluctuations, which can be very harmful to sensitive electronic devices. However, are still being inconsistently used to power those highly technologically advanced aircraft and helicopters, putting at risk the integrity of their modern (and very expensive) systems and avionics, and the success of an aerial mission.

Detecting that business opportunity was, in fact, the beginning of ENERCRAFT back in 2013. At that time, the ENERCRAFT founders were involved in aircraft maintenance and after-sales services activities and they experienced first-hand the difficulties that aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians faced when trying to diagnose the health of different aircraft. On many occasions, the use of an incorrect or malfunctioning GPU led to the detection of potential failures that were not real, but were caused by the electronic noise and ripple coming from the GPU itself.

The situation was even more critical when those same GPUs or other off-the-shelf starters were used to start the engines of many different aircraft types, failing to deliver the peak power needed to efficiently start the engines while maintaining the critical parameters (time and ITT (Inter-Turbine Temperature) in a safe zone (cold engine start).

ENERCRAFT was born as a company in 2016, with the strong commitment of setting up new quality standards in the aircraft Ground Support Equipment arena, with a mission to develop the most advanced GPUs Lite and Ultra-Starters, and become the worldwide sales leader in the aviation industry.

In ENERCRAFT, we offer the most innovative and modern alternative on the market, maintaining coherence with the technological evolution that the aviation industry has experienced in the last two decades. All our equipment has been designed and thoroughly tested to assure all our customers that they will be able to carry out maintenance tasks on their aircraft with high diagnostic precision and accuracy, as well as to start their engines efficiently, even in the most complex operational situations. And all this without ever putting at risk the most expensive elements of any aircraft: its engine and its electronic devices and systems.