Yes, they can! And we can prove it!

Assuming that construction machinery is responsible for up to 20% of emissions of polluting gases in urban areas, the time has come for the industry to look for clean alternatives to avoid those emissions, but also the unpleasant noises and odors directly associated with the use of generator sets.

We all know that there are some modern battery-operated power stations available in the market, which can replace the generator sets that need fossil fuels to produce electricity; but we all have the perception that they are much more expensive, which is always a barrier for any company to make the decision and bet on new and more eco-friendly technologies.

The selling prices of a battery-operated power station are, in fact, higher than the selling prices of a comparable generator set… but that’s just the initial investment! So, what happens when the construction companies start using those fossil fuel generators for several years?

Well, assuming that the high-quality lithium batteries that we use to manufacture any of our EMAs – Energy Mobile Assistants will last for 5,000 cycles (i.e. ~ fifteen (15) years), we’ve done a comparative analysis for that period, assuming two scenarios:

OPTION A.- Construction company using regular inverter generators for fifteen (15) years.

  • Selling Price: LOW
  • Annual operating costs: Fuel + Maintenance + Repairs
  • Annual CO2 Emissions: 2,5 kg de CO2 / litre of Fuel
  • Lifespan: 3 years
  • Total number of units needed in 15 Years: 5 units


OPTION B.- Construction company using one of our innovative EMAs for fifteen (15) years.

  • Selling Price: MEDIUM-HIGH
  • Annual operating costs: None, assuming the use of Photovoltaic Panels (PV) for charging
  • Annual CO2 Emissions: None
  • Lifespan: 15 years
  • Total number of units needed in 15 Years: 1 unit

And the final results are shown in the chart below:

Comparative analysis for a period of fifteen (15) years

Main conclusions:

  • NO NOISE. EMA is a quieter alternative.
  • NO ODORS. EMA is an odorless alternative.
  • NO GAS EMISSIONS. EMA is a gasless generator, and it does not produce carbon dioxide (CO₂) carbon monoxide (CO) or other polluting gases (NOx).
  • EMA is the perfect equipment for outdoor, indoor and underground use.
  • EMA is on top in terms of convenience and portability.
  • EMA avoids the use of extension leads, which take time to deploy, cause energy losses, and can cause potential tumbles or accidents.
  • In a 15 years period, 5 generator sets will need to be acquired, compared to 1 EMA only.
  • EMA requires a higher initial investment, but it is a cheaper solution in the long term, for any construction company.

Now that e-Mobility is a global trend, and most of our efforts to improve air quality in urban areas have been focused on reducing pollution from cars and motorbikes, we cannot underestimate the effect that construction machinery has in air pollution, one of the most relevant environmental causes of respiratory diseases in the population residing in large cities.

ENERCRAFT developed its EMA family as a clean alternative to those thousands of obsolete generator sets that require fossil fuels for their operation, providing its users with total autonomy and freedom, in order to accomplish multiple tasks that require access to an energy source, regardless of their location. All of our EMAs will ensure an unbeatable professional experience, with a very compact and lightweight unit, which is also the most cost-efficient option, enabling emission-free construction and contributing to enhance human health and life quality.

We work towards a paradigm shift!

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