Regional Authorities visited ENERCRAFT’s facilities in Galicia

The Secretary General of Emigration, Antonio Rodríguez Miranda, together with the Director of the Galician Agency for Innovation (Gain), Patricia Argerey, the Delegate of the Xunta in Pontevedra, Luis López Diéguez, and several councilors visited the company’s facilities, to know more about ENERCRAFT’s activity and new developments

Antonio Rodríguez Miranda highlighted the importance of returning Galician entrepreneurs launching initiatives such as ENERCRAFT, which brings R&D&i closer to the Galician community.

To help setting up the firm in Galicia, ENERCRAFT received a grant of 7,000 euros from the General Secretariat for Emigration, through the aid line for returned entrepreneurs.

The General Secretary of Emigration highlighted the importance of the business spirit of the Galician returnees, “who are committed to starting up new companies, many of them, as in the case of Alberto Jurjo, highly qualified professionals, who provide our land with contacts and knowledge acquired, creating an initiative of great added value”.