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Please, stay safe, stay at home


1 Apr 2020

Temporary pause

Due to the current global situation and the challenges we are all facing, ENERCRAFT has reorganised some priorities, and our R&D team is now fully focused on working together with the INBIONATEC - Institute of Bionanotechnology ( to finish the development and manufacturing of an innovative cleaning and sanitizing unit to be used in the worldwide fight against the COVID-19, in order to collaborate in reducing the total amount of infections.
We hope we can have the first units ready, tested and validated in Argentina, to then initiate its serial production and an international distribution. Hospitals, Health and Medical Centers, Airports or Airlines could benefit soon from this new device developed by ENERCRAFT.

We proudly put our knowledge and capabilities in the service of our society in this critical moment, but we keep on supporting all our customers and delivering our innovative Ground Support Equipment to aircraft operators worldwide.

Please stay safe. Stay at home.

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