The innovative LFPSS Marine Batteries are portable devices developed by ENERCRAFT, based on the customized design and installation of a complete distributed energy system, to equip and fully upgrade different vessels, depending on the requirements of each client.

The LFPSS Starter units are high quality and unique hybrid batteries, which combine the reliable LiFeMnPO4 chemistry with Ultracapacitors, and they will work as highly efficient Starting Batteries, to start the boat’s engine, the bow thruster or the anchor windlass, which generally have a very high energy demand.

The LFPSS Storage units are Service Batteries, which are manufactured with LiFeMnPO4 chemistry, and they will efficiently power all the electrical devices and on-board electrical systems.

All of the ENERCRAFT Marine Batteries are equipped with our own Smart E-BMSs, and have all the necessary internal protections fully integrated inside the IP67 waterproof hard cases.

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