At ENERCRAFT, we definitely love complex challenges, and when we were asked to develop a Race Battery Pack to power and to be integrated into some of the most advanced sport cars, it seemed like the perfect project to us!

After a few weeks of work, and taking advantage of all the know-how and previous experience we have in the manufacture of high-performance batteries for aviation and other industries, our first racing units where finished, tested in our R&D Lab, and ready for the final real tests on the racing track.

The batteries worked flawlessly, and we have already celebrated several victories, together with some of the most professional pilots! As an immediate result, our technology is successfully being used now in several UTVs (Ultimate Terrain Vehicles) and TN (Turismo Nacional) cars.

Our Race Battery Packs are permanently sealed, waterproof and dustproof, are equipped with our own Smart E-BMSs and are mounted on and protected by a robust yet lightweight structural frame, making them ideal for the most demanding conditions during any competition.

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