During ENERXÉTIKA 2022, the Galician Energy Fair, ENERCRAFT displayed, for the first time, its products in two separated but linked sections: one section for our products for Aviation, and another second section for our new EMAs.

This was the first opportunity for us to present our EMAs to the public, and to show the initial results of our diversification strategy (“from Aviation to a Global Industrial Footprint”).

The event was a great meeting point for companies, institutions and professionals in the energy sector, with a clear focus on renewable energy, sustainability and efficiency, and the ENERCRAFT booth was probably one of the most disruptive ones, constantly attracting the attention of the visitors.

More than 90 exhibitors were showing their solutions and products during the event, which were mainly linked to efficient energy generation, but ENERCRAFT was the only battery (energy storage) manufacturer of the show, having more than ten (10) fully functional products on display.

Our EMA Project contributed to our designation as one of the TOP 10 most innovative companies of the event. We were awarded with a large commemorative panel and drew the attention of the press and the media.

Looking forward to meeting you all again in 2024!