For many years, ENERCRAFT has worked on the development of an extensive portfolio of products for the aviation industry, in order to efficiently and safely power a wide range of aircraft types.

ENERCRAFT is indeed changing the market, and offers the lightest and most disruptive Ground Support Equipment for airplanes and helicopters, to assist you in your daily maintenance tasks and aerial operations.

Our fully portable GPU Lite units supply clean energy to your aircraft, mainly for maintenance or operational purposes, working as continuous power sources.

Our fully portable Ultra-Starter units improve your aircraft performance, ensuring the fastest and the coolest engine start, while protecting the life of the power plant, the aircraft batteries and any electronic components.

Additionally, for those specific cases where our customers need to combine the use of any of the Ultra-Starters and/or any of the GPUs Lite to work in parallel, ENERCRAFT has developed a complementary and ingenious device called Dual Connector (2 x 3 PIN NATO AN2551), which provides full flexibility and enables such operations, while retaining the convenience of always having two independent and small individual equipment.

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