We are proud to announce that ENERCRAFT was recently selected to be part of the Civil UAVs Initiative, a pioneering strategic initiative in Europe led by the Xunta de Galicia, to attract investments in the aerospace sector and to develop innovative solutions in the unmanned vehicles and systems industry. We are now participating in the Business Factory Aero a Program aimed at promoting the creation and acceleration of innovative companies in Galicia, to complete the aerospace sector value chain, to foster unmanned aerial systems for civil purposes and to improve public services.

As one of the projects selected this year, ENERCRAFT is finalizing the development and release of a unique Mission Energy Management System. For most of the small and medium-size drones, our comprehensive energy solution consists of:

1.- One EMAEnergy Mobile Assistant device. The EMA will serve, among other purposes, to be used as a portable clean energy source, when the operators are working in remote areas, with which to recharge multiple drone batteries, as well as to be used as a power source for multiple applications, such as powering tethered drones, or connecting and powering other electrical or electronic devices, as well as multiple tools, which are necessary for the actual field tasks of the international operators of unmanned aerial vehicles. These EMA devices are completely portable and fully electric, so they represent a favorable alternative for environmental sustainability.

2.- One E-Charger, which will receive simultaneous communications of multiple E-Batteries in real time.

3.- E-Batteries, developed and customized according to all the technical specifications provided by the drone manufacturers. Our E-Batteries will provide accurate information of the voltage (battery and individual cells), current, cycles, operating hours, temperatures (battery and BMS) and errors, among other data, but they will additionally provide inertial and position information, plus SOC enhanced measurement. The E-batteries will be equipped with a modern wireless communication system, so that they can send information and data, at all times, to the E-Charger, without the need to be physically connected to it.

4.- Global Connectivity & AI Prediction Software. Regarding SOH and remaining capacity, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms will have a leading role in this new System, which will allow all the drone operators to select the most suitable set of batteries for each specific mission. This accurate traceability will greatly improve their current operations, and will have multiple advantages, maximizing safety, optimizing the useful life of all the E-Batteries and minimizing costs and environmental waste, assuring the success of any aerial mission before the flight.

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