We showed to the public how our technological solutions can efficiently solve many problems within the Security, Defense and Emergency industries!

As a Small-sized Galician Enterprise, we were proud and thrilled to have the opportunity to attend SEDEXPO this year, where we showcased our technology, with the aim of presenting our Security, Defence and Emergency solutions to the public.

Our Booth G10 was perfectly located in the area of the Civil UAVs Initiative – Xunta de Galicia, where several UAV related companies were exhibiting their products.

We met with public bodies, institutions, companies and professionals who were willing to explore opportunities to work together, establish alliances, exchange experiences, generate business and see all our new equipment, which have many direct applications in this very dynamic industry.

We were born to leave our mark on the world, and to contribute to the development of Well-being and Social Protection, with our innovative technology.

Looking forward to meeting you all next year!